Personalised Coffins

Available at all funeral homes

MORE and more of us are choosing to go out in a splash of colour, we want choices — even in death — rather than a cookie cutter approach to commiseration.

"Death is always an unwelcome experience. We avoid it as much as we can. When death happens, we wonder 'what would they want? What should we do? What's appropriate at the time?' We believe that a good funeral is the beginning of a healthy grief process."

Increasingly, families are moving away from traditional funerals and opting for a more personal approach to remembering loved ones.

You'll be surprised how a few treasured photo's can tell a wonderful story about your loved one. Our innovative approach and personal service helps families celebrate the life of their loved one in a unique and special way. Our team, from design through to production, do a wonderful job at helping make a sad time more bearable. 

“It is a rotten day, and if you can do anything to lift that gloom, it is a good thing.”



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