Truely Personalised Coffins

'it's the thought that counts"

"It was a real talking point and it just made such a difference to our family. It was exactly right and a fitting celebration of everything that was him."

There are many options when it comes to choosing a personalised coffin. Our Cardboard Coffin provides choice for an eco-friendly coffin to be used in a green funeral. In recent years cardboard personalised coffins are becoming a very popular option. Seen as eco-friendly, modern and now using modern digital printing can be decorated in high quality designs as varied as your imagination.

The world has recognised Corrugated cardboard as a renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable product for over a hundred years and embraced it for its many uses and its environmental benefits. Corrugated cardboard is the perfect material for manufacturing Environmentally Friendly Coffins. 

Personalised Eco-Coffins

"Go Green"

Personalised Eco-Coffins

“One lady from Semaphore had a crossword on her coffins and people came up and filled it in.”

The Lifestyle Eco-Coffin, manufactured from Corrugated cardboard, is a strong, sturdy, but lightweight coffin that has been developed for consumers wanting an 'alternative' to the traditional, without compromising on style or design. Over the last few years demand for 'alternative', and more cost effective, funerals has increased dramatically.

People are as different in death as they are in life and a personalised ECO-Coffin can pay tribute to the person who has left us.

Artwork is Easy

Our Designers ready for your Ideas!

Artwork is Easy

We take your ideas and turn them into a work of art your loved one would be proud of...

With a personalised Lifestyle Coffin you can help to celebrate the life of your loved one by having a design that shows off their personality, did they have an interesting hobby like chess or archery? Then have a personalised coffin featuring designs around those hobbies or sports.

Ryan, Allen and Cam our graphic designers can create any design you can think of, and some that you can’t! Want it to look like a tool box or a bar of gold bullion, or how about their beloved football team? We can do it all!

Express Turnaround


Express Turnaround

It doesn't take any longer to produce a Lifestyle Personalised Coffin with your photo's than it would any other coffin. As soon as we have finalised the design with you, we send it directly to the studio for print/ production. Our Lifestyle Coffins are completed within 24 hours from the time of artwork approval, so rest assured it will not delay the funeral arrangements.

We also understand the delicacy and urgency of such events, and thus we are available on call 24/7 to answer any of your queries that you may have. If necessary we can also offer a same day express service.

*For AFL Themed coffins we seek approval from the AFL on your behalf. The AFL are always sympathetic to our request and grant approval.