Textured & Spot Colour

Available in 82 Finishes

"It’s something totally different", a personalised coffin will often start a conversation and have people talking at the service, which is important in the grieving process.

Textured and Spot Colour Coffins are custom made for a truly distinctive funeral. We offer a choice of finishes and sizes, all with the same range of stunning options that reflect your loved ones personality. Personalised Coffins are memorable, if you speak with anyone who attends a funeral with a personalised coffin they will comment on the coffin and the interesting design or colour used.

Below are a few examples of different colours and textures, there are x82 finishes available so we are sure there is a colour or texture available for your loved one.

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Favourite Colour

"A loving tribute"

Favourite Colour

Celebrate life, Celebrate character and passion by using beautiful colours to personalise a coffin. Everyone in life is unique, and we believe that a Spot Colour Coffin is a great way to add a personal touch to the funeral process, for a truly personalised coffin.

Why not consider telling the truly individual life story of your loved one when making funeral arrangements by opting for a wrapped coffin.

Whether you want a 'Soft Colour' or the full 'Bling' that reflects their personality, we can help with a coffin that will guarantee your last memories of your loved one are a true reflection of who they were as an individual.

3M Preferred Graphic Installers


3M Preferred Graphic Installers

3M Preferred Graphics Installers are recognised in the Signage and Graphics industry for their knowledge of appropriate materials, proper use of tools, master installation techniques and skilled professional graphic installation.

Creating any type of personalised coffin wrap takes a creative design, selection and utilising of the proper materials, an experienced digital printer operator, and preferably a 3M Preferred graphic installer. Combination of all of these steps means a high quality personalised coffin.

Express Turnaround


Express Turnaround

It doesn't take any longer to produce a Lifestyle Personalised Coffin with your photo's than it would any other coffin. As soon as we have finalised the design with you, we send it directly to the studio for print/ production. Our Lifestyle Coffins are completed within 24 hours from the time of artwork approval, so rest assured it will not delay the funeral arrangements.

We also understand the delicacy and urgency of such events, and thus we are available on call 24/7 to answer any of your queries that you may have. If necessary we can also offer a same day express service.