Personalised Stubby Holders


“It plays a part because it puts a positive aspect to the bereavement process.”

The rise of alternative funerals suggests that the taboo surrounding death is slowly being eroded, indeed these alternative funerals perhaps point to changing attitudes surrounding our deaths and dying in general.

Personalised Stubby Holders are custom made and originally designed by Qualified Graphics Designers for a truly distinctive celebration. We offer a choice of finishes and sizes, all with the same range of stunning designs and options that reflect a variety of interests and pastimes. Personalised Stubby Holders are original and memorable, if you speak with anyone who attends a funeral with Personalised Stubby Holders they will comment on the personal touch.


"for the celebration"


Every picture tells a story, so why not consider telling the truly individual life story of your loved one when making funeral arrangements by including Personalised Stubby Holders for the celebration following the service.

Celebrate life, Celebrate character and passion by using beautiful photos, poems and messages for personalised stubbie holders. Everyone in life is unique, and we believe that personalised stubby holders are a great way to add a personal touch to the day, for a truly personalised funeral, Lifestyle Stubby Holders are the only choice.

Whether you want to include family photographs, an image that shows their love of the ocean or their garden, or demonstrate their passion for a sport or hobby, we can help you design stubby holders that will guarantee your last memories of your loved one are a true reflection of who they were as an individual.

Artwork is Easy

Our Designers ready for your Ideas!

Artwork is Easy

We take your ideas and turn them into a work of art your loved one would be proud of...

With Personalised Stubby Holders help to celebrate the life of your loved one by having a design that shows off their personality, did they have an interesting hobby like surfing or hockey? Then include some Personalised Stubby Holders featuring designs around those hobbies or sports for the celebration after the service.

Ryan, Allen or Cam our graphic designers can create any design you can think of.

24 Hour Delivery


24 Hour Delivery

It doesn't take long to produce Personalised Stubby Holders with your ideas and photo's. As soon as we have finalised the design with you, we send it directly to the studio for print/ production. Our Personalised Stubby Holders are completed within 24 hours from the time of artwork approval, so rest assured it wont delay the funeral arrangements.

If necessary we can also offer a same day express service.