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The Indigenous Australian - Lifestyle Coffins

The Indigenous Australian

This coffin design was inspired by an Indigenous Australian family in Townsville.

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Tardis Coffin - RIP Ben Uren - Lifestyle Coffins

Tardis Coffin - RIP Ben Uren

The Tardis Coffin - RIP Ben Uren. We were asked to produce a Coffin and matching Ash Box that looked like the telephone box (Tardis) from Doctor Who. Thank you to Jeanette (Bens Mum) for the kind words below and the opportunity to show off Ben's coffin.

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Cardboard Coffins - Lifestyle Coffins

Cardboard Coffins

Lifestyle Coffins are made from MDF but we can also supply them in a Cardboard Coffin – are cardboard coffins misunderstood?

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Blooming Jasmine - Lifestyle Coffins

Blooming Jasmine

This personalised coffin design was inspired by an image of a beautiful blossoming branch of jasmine.

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