Tardis Coffin - RIP Ben Uren

Tardis Coffin - RIP Ben Uren - Lifestyle Coffins

We were asked to produce a Coffin and matching Ash Box that looked like the telephone box (Tardis) from Doctor Who. Thank you to Jeanette (Bens Mum) for the kind words below and the opportunity to show off Ben's coffin.

"Hi Corey. My name is Jeanette Uren and you just recently design a Tardis casket for my son Ben. I just wanted to relay my heartfelt thanks. The Tardis was brilliant and everything I had imagined and then some. The comments and messages I have had from those that knew my boy has been rather overwhelming to say the least. Sarah showed me 1 of the urns today, outstanding. I can't wait to have Ben home again, although he isn't all with me. Once again Corey thank you so much. Jeanette".